This is a small collection of writings about Manzanar. Some poems have been read/performed at the Manzanar Pilgrimage, the Manzanar At Dusk evening program or published in the Rafu Shimpo.

If you would have written poetry or essays related to Manzanar and would like to be published on our web site, please e-mail it to us .

Keep It Going - After Dark Participants, 2001
Barren Paradise - Rymo Cortado
Manzanar Scorpions - Wataru Ebihara
Concentration Camp or Summer Camp? Robert Ito, 1998
Wonder Years - Glen Kitayama
making the pilgrimage - Jenni Emiko Kuida
Dancing With Grace - Gracious and Graceful - Jenni Emiko Kuida
Ghosts of Manzanar - Jenni Emiko Kuida
Manzanar After Dark - Jenni Emiko Kuida
Message from Manzanar - Martha Nakagawa
Take Me to Manzanar - Taro O'Sullivan
NO MORE CaMPS: 10 Ways to Learn About Manzanar - Tony Osumi
Return to Manzanar - CSU Fullerton Article, 1998