The 150 year history of the Japanese in America, like other immigrant groups, is one of triumph and tragedy.  It is the story of an immigrant group that helped to build America, and after suffering the indignities of forced removal and incarceration, rose to recoup their lives and rebuild their communities whose social structure had been destroyed during World War II.  In the process they came together and utilized the tools of democracy:  The courts, Congress, public hearings and grass roots campaigning to win

their long delayed justice and

mark their place in America.  It

is a legacy of the undaunted

courage  and indomitable spirit

of Americans that will pave the

way so that this tragedy will never

be repeated.

 A sparsely populated, windy geography known as the Owens Valley, was made famous by the late Ansel Adams through his magnificent photographs of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It became even more widely publicized when a town called Manzanar...Manzanar.html
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Finding your family records

To find which camp your family was in search here

To find WRA case files, form

available here

The forced evacuation and incarceration of 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast of the United States during World War II constitutes a grievous chapter in American history.  Two-thirds were U.S. citizens... Historic_Perspective.html

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Months of Waiting

by Estelle Ishigo

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Past Pilgrimages
Affect on the farming and fishing communities.Video_Library.html

Enlisting the cooperation of various governmental agencies, the WRA selected sites for the permanent concentrations camps.  The movement of the population into the camps...

This is a small collection of writings about Manzanar. Some poems have been read/performed at the Manzanar Pilgrimage, the Manzanar At Dusk evening program or published...MAD.htmlStories_and_Poetry.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0
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The 43rd Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage 2012